Automate your quote & intake process to win more deals

Lexo’s instant quoting and digital intake tools help you respond immediately to quotes and streamline time-consuming intake process.

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Lexo solves client management problems for Real Estate lawyers

Problem #1:
Missed Deals
Law firms are busy, and miss out on potential deals by not following up
Problem #2:
Lawyers price simple to save time (even if a deal may be unproftable)
Problem #3:
Manual Tasks
Onboarding a client is filled with manual tasks for Lawyers and Clerks
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Quoting & Intake system designed for Real Estate Lawyers can get you:

9% more deals*
won monthly through higher conversion rates compared to a manual quote and intake process.
5% more profitable*
from more precise customer experience and immediate quote responses.
3 hr saved per deal
due to an entirely automated quote and intake system.

*Metrics assume real estate lawyer runs 100% of deals through Lexo's Quote & Intake tool.

Meet Lexo:

Your business development co-pilot

Setup automated quoting & intake in just a few clicks.
Use your firm's branding, pricing structure, and intake questions
Create variations for different types of deals and clients
Respond instantly to quote requests
Put your quote request form anywhere your customers are
If you're more hands on, fill out the quote form yourself and walk the client through the quote they receive through email
Identify stalled deals early
Track all active clients, from quote request to intake completion
The deal resumes when the intake form is complete
Use insights to increase your win rate
View a simple dashboard to understand where pricing or process may need adjustment, to win more deals and save more time

You only pay us when you get a new client

One Pricing Model
per transaction*
Start Plan
*Transaction is considered complete once client accepts that quote and moves to client intake.
Unlimited users
Unlimited templates
Unlimited quotes
Quote/Intake form builder
Integrations for ID Verification

Why Lexo

Quote & intake tool built for real estate lawyers

The only client onboarding software for Real Estate Lawyers

Easy transfer to conveyancer

One-click data copying from the intake form to your conveyancer

Built by Real Estate Lawyers

Our default settings dictated by thousands of transactions

Get Started for free

Try Lexo for 14 days for free. With transaction pricing you only pay when you win a deal